McKay Thomas

McKay Thomas writes about design, startups, and life.

I write all the time on my blog, but if you’re just getting started, these are 10 good places to start.

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  2. Open Letter To MG SieglerMG’s Response
  3. Defining Our Life’s Greatest Achievement, Magnum Opus
  4. After A Friend Passed Away, I Ponder What Makes Someone Memorable
  5. That One Time When I Called Mark Suster Self-gratifying (oops) Mark’s Response
  6. Finding Contentment, Even In The Minutia  Of Life
  7. How Your Social Updates Are More About The Future Than The Past
  8. People And Our Lives As Observed At Starbucks
  9. What It Feels Like To Launch A Website and Business
  10. An Agreement Between My Readers and Me