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Where To Draw The Line: What Is A PC?

By McKay Thomas

Over the last couple years we have seen lots of people weigh in on whether tablets should be counted as PCs. However, we’ve seen a slow shift towards research firms adding tablets together to demonstrate PC marketshare.

What was one 10” tablet, the iPad, became lots of tablets of many sizes from many manufacturers. Flash forward to the last few weeks and we’ve been hearing rumors of a larger iPhone. Although Samsung has had lots of larger phones, Apple introducing a product in the category would be very legitimizing for the form factor, which leaves me asking: what is a tablet? And what should we count for marketshare?

Is a tablet defined by a diagonal screen measurement? That is about the only think I can find different between the iPad and the iPhone. A larger iPhone may only not count towards PC marketshare only because Apple will call it an iPhone Something rather than an iPad Something.

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