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By McKay Thomas

A week ago I landed here in San Francisco. I’ve left my darling and supportive wife and two kids in the care of my parents and her parents in Utah, while I flex my creative muscles in pursuit of a call. The call to build something. The call to create something. The call that comes to each of us, which demands you ask yourself what more the earth could have, your life could have, if you were to jump in head first.

I have about as many answers as I came here with, which isn’t many, but I have come to learn something about loneliness. Before I came here, I thought that being alone was as lonely as it could get. But that’s wrong. Being alone is not as lonely as being around the wrong people. 

I came here in search of business and commerce and technology, but all I’ve found so far was a little voice inside that keeps telling me that I’m no longer alone. I’m on the side of the universe, now. And although that means very little in terms of having answers, it means I know I can find the answers.

I will start this business. I will grow this team. I will get my wife and my kids in to an apartment here. I will build a technology that will make being a parent easier and more peaceful. The universe, which was reaching out to me and shaking me and my life until I could hardly hear anything else, has aligned with me. As if to say, “Hardship behind, hardship ahead, but this time it’s what you were sent to do.”

About McKay

McKay Writes And Designs

I’m a graphic, UI and product designer. I’m from all over, but São Paulo, Brazil most recently, as I co-founded I’m now in the Bay Area working on what could be my magnum opus. I’m a father of a daughter and a son and I’m married to The Startup Wife.

I love writing. I write about what to do and what not to do. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m controversial. But I’m always ready to do something big and crazy.

I’m on Twitter all the time. Let’s talk.

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