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iPad Mini Is The New Default iOS Device

By McKay Thomas

Every now and again a device gets released, that I buy, that everyone I sit next to on planes or at church or just around want to talk to me about. The iPad Mini has been such a device. As someone who has used an iPad from the first version, up until now I haven’t been a huge fan of them. I like the idea of them, but found that I’d rather just be using my iPhone to do basically everything the iPad could do.

The iPad Mini changed that.

Dan Frommer outlines in the article linked above how he feels the iPad Mini is the real size iPad. The size the iPad should have been the entire time. I’m completely compelled to agree. Where with my iPad I kept wanting to simply do every task on my iPhone, I actually am forgetting to take my phone with me now.

In truth, there has been days that have passed without me even knowing where my phone is, and those that know me can attest to just how crazy that is, but its the truth. The iPad Mini is my main iOS device now. More than my phone. I enjoy it more. It’s more functional. It’s INSANELY light. And I highly, highly recommend it.

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