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CES Update

By McKay Thomas

So far CES has been a series of what I am allowed and not allowed to do. Don’t walk here. Don’t go in there. Out this one. Stand over here. Don’t sit there. I feel like I’m back in 2nd grade, only there’s no Mrs. Rochester promising snacks afterward.

The other thing has struck me is the sheer scale of this event. For instance, they have maps you can use to see where everything is as part of CES. But these aren’t the normal pieces of paper maps, these are full blown fold out maps. And there isn’t one of them. There are FOUR!

I feel lost and I’m not even allowed “inside” yet.

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I’m a graphic, UI and product designer. I’m from all over, but São Paulo, Brazil most recently, as I co-founded I’m now in the Bay Area working on what could be my magnum opus. I’m a father of a daughter and a son and I’m married to The Startup Wife.

I love writing. I write about what to do and what not to do. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m controversial. But I’m always ready to do something big and crazy.

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