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My First CES: The Awfulness And Excitment

By McKay Thomas

I will be attending this years CES, which will mark my first time at the event. I’ve read the coverage in the past and fully expect it to be filled with out of touch former big leaguers trying to dazzle the press with products that clearly won’t compete. Yet, I’m not going so I can be a part of that.

Although I’ve wanted to experience the awfulness/excitement first hand for several years, what actually allowed me to justify it this year is the Digital Health Summit, which will be a part of the conference this year. I’m hugely excited and bullish about the space and look forward to meeting with people to talk about the future of the human body as it relates to technology.

I’m not a live blogger, and actually I’m not much of a gadget blogger, so I’ll leave the pros to do what they do best. But what I plan on writing about over the next few days is how my experience goes with CES in general and how my experience goes with the Digital Health Summit. I hope to come away feeling inspired by the big projects that will undoubtedly shape the way we look at and treat our bodies.

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