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The New Business

By McKay Thomas

Although I’m not ready to discuss everything, I do want to say that my new business is very much picking up where I left off at and is actually inspired by all that I learned while building its expansive audience of over two million moms. Moms are a special group. A noble group. And a pain for them, in my eyes, is worthy cause of my time.

Stay tuned.

About McKay

McKay Writes And Designs

I’m a graphic, UI and product designer. I’m from all over, but São Paulo, Brazil most recently, as I co-founded I’m now in the Bay Area working on what could be my magnum opus. I’m a father of a daughter and a son and I’m married to The Startup Wife.

I love writing. I write about what to do and what not to do. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m controversial. But I’m always ready to do something big and crazy.

I’m on Twitter all the time. Let’s talk.

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